Lilia Festa-Zaripova

Interpreter in Prague and online
from English, Czech, Turkish
into Russian

About me

My name is Lilia. I grew up bilingual (native Russian and Bashkort, passive knowledge of the Tatar language) which helped me to learn other foreign languages. I graduated from English philology in 2008 and since then I work as a freelance translator and interpreter. Later, I studied the Turkish language in the Czech Republic and also do translations from Turkish and Czech, as well as teach foreign languages. My new challenge is to learn Italian.
E-mail:, phone: + (420) 733 311 449

Fields of expertise

Tourism, lifestyle and leisure

Localization of websites

Business, marketing and advertising



In Prague or by agreement

Accompanying in conferences, business negotiations, medical checkups, exhibitions and fairs


Marketing and advertising, business correspondence, localization of websites, tourism, lifestyle and leisure, subtitling



Lilia, thank you so much for your cooperation and for your translations! We have been looking for a good translator and at last we found one. We hope to continue working with you. It is difficult to find a translator with the same quality and the speed of the translations as yours!

Valeria Oykina
Petgrooming Company

Thank you so much for the translation Lilia! It has been done quickly and well! I needed a letter for visa invitation to be translated and all went smooth! I’ll recommend you further.


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